Weekly Yoga Classes

Woman rolling her mat after a yoga class

Playful and explorative, Roo teaches a physical yoga practise that will make you strong, bring balance to the body and mind, and inspire your soul.

Inspired herself by ancient yogic traditions and adapting them through her teachings to suit a modern lifestyle, Roo teaches a progressive and unique yoga style that holds its roots in both science and art. 

Allow Roo to motivate, guide, and inspire you as you delve into the rich and vibrant world of yoga, and learn to come home to yourself.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

I welcome all levels of students in my public classes, from total beginners to long-term practitioners. So whether you are someone who barely knows your fingers from your toes, or are doing handstands before breakfast, I offer a complete and comprehensive class with structured options to suit all levels and body types.

My main priority in classes always is you, the student, so I am more than happy to adapt my lesson plans to suit your wishes and needs. If you are nervous or feel uncomfortable for any reason about practising in a larger group setting, please see the section on private sessions to find out more about working with me in a 1-to-1 or small group setting.

What about for advanced students?

For yogis with a taste for challenge and adventure in their practise, now is the time to discover new ways of connecting both on and off the mat, and push the limits of your asana, both mentally and physically. I would first encourage you to attend my public classes, as I understand the frustrations that come from being in a class and waiting for permission from the teacher to go deeper or try the next step. I always strive to work to the highest denominator in my class, so my aim is to challenge you, no matter what level you are at.

To really get the most out of your practise I would always recommend trying private sessions, either in a 1-to-1 with myself, or in smaller intensive groups. This is a practise that will make you strong and push you to the next level.

Do many men come to your classes?

Although still a largely female dominated practise, I have seen more and more men coming to the mat. Yoga was actually designed around 4000 years ago by men and even today a lot of the traditional postures are much better suited to the male body. My own teacher and a lot of the top most respected yogis in the world are in fact male. Yoga is not just about flexibility, it is about strength too! Around 30% of all my students are male, so in a class of 10 students or more, it is very unlikely you’d be the only man. It’s a growing shift, come along and see for yourself.

What should I bring to my first class?
In most cases, such as in gyms and studios, mats and equipment are provided. If not, such as in corporate sessions, I am able to provide you with mats myself, for no extra charge. All you need to bring is yourself.
Please wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in (gym kit is perfect), and if you want to, bring along a pillow or blanket to provide yourself with some additional comfort. Bring a water bottle and maybe a towel for after, and ladies don’t forget to tie back your hair!
Yoga is traditionally practised with bare feet. Some people like to wear special yoga grip socks, which is fine with me as the toes are still able to move freely in them. I also advise that you bring a warm long-sleeved top into classes and leave it by your mat during practise, so that you can easily cover up if you get cold, especially during relaxation at the end.

When and where do you teach?

I teach all over the place so your best bet is to check out my latest timetable at the top of this page. Please visit the individual gym/clubs websites for more details of how to book.

How much do classes cost?

Sessions vary in price depending on location (usually between £5 and £10 a class)

How do I book?

Please refer to studio, spa, or gym’s own website for more details in how to book your place on the mat:

Harborne Pool & Fitness

Lifestyle Fitness Hagley Road

Moseley Yoga

University of Birmingham Sports

Roo is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 with Yoga Alliance since October 2016 and certified Kids Yoga Teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga since August 2017