Roo is currently enjoying extended maternity leave and does not currently plan to return to teaching public classes until the start of 2025.

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Laugh, move & play through Yoga with Roo…

Playful and explorative, Roo teaches a dynamic and adaptable modern style of Yoga. This is a physical yoga practise that will make you strong, bring balance to the body and mind, and encourage a deep sense of energetic connection; both with yourself and with the world around you.

Discover a place where flexibility binds with strength, movement collides with stillness, and focus unites with passion. Roo’s classes are designed to take you on an explorative journey through the body, mind, and beyond.


What is Yoga?

Thought to be well over 4000 years old, Yoga is an ancient practise that derives what is now modern day Northern India. While Yoga today is often referred to as a type of exercise/stretch class with the odd bit of breathing involved, what the word Yoga actually means is to find union, literally to create a ‘yoke’ between ourselves and the world around us, internally and externally, mentally and physically. Yoga is expertise in action, an effortless flow state that everyone has the potential to experience. There are countless ways to achieve Yoga- be it through meditation, chanting, study, or physical movement – but the basic principles remain the same.

Yoga is a deeper connection within ourselves, a union with the forces around us in the world, and a balance in life that allows us to access limitless levels of contentment, energy and joy from within.

A well planned practise of Yoga can not only help to ease aches and pains, it can also leave you feeling calmer, more energised, and more connected with life. Over time, a regular practise of yoga can help you to recognise what you truly value, providing the tools you need to craft a life for yourself that’s full of purpose, passion, and joy.

What style of Yoga does Roo teach?

Workshops aside, Roo offers classes in 2 popular styles of yoga, suitable for all levels- the deeply relaxing meditation based ‘Yin’ Yoga, and the more energetic and physically challenging ‘Flow’ Yoga. Practised together, these 2 contrasting styles will compliment each other to create a fully-rounded and balanced practise that will help to keep your mind and body both supple, adaptable, and strong. Roo’s aim is to leave you feeling empowered, calm and energised to face life’s challenges, offering teachings that you can carry with you well beyond the yoga mat.

Roo is committed to teaching safe, sustainable, and highly effective movements, taking ancient traditional methods, challenging them, and adapting them to reflect modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

If you are looking for a complete physical yoga practise that will teach you to harness a new quality of strength and efficiency within your movements, that will leave you feeling empowered and energised every day, that will allow you to be more adaptable and more sustainable, and will leave you feeling free to live to your fullest potential, then this is it.

Offering public classes and private sessions (1-to-1s), as well as yoga games workshops to unleash your inner child 🙂

Keeping you playful, balanced, and healthy, in mind, body and soul.

Roo is currently enjoying extended maternity leave and does not currently plan to return to teaching public classes until the start of 2025.

Been a while since I’ve done a yoga class… this was a perfect reintroduction-nice space and great teacher. Really enjoyed it.

5 stars

Lisa V.

Roo has been doing private lessons for my wife for the last few weeks. She’s loving the lessons finding them challenging but also really informative. Roo has a nice balance between pushing but not pushing too hard. Highly recommend

5 stars.png

John B

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