Experienced yoga and Pilates teacher based in Birmingham, UK. Began teaching in 2015.


Hatha Yoga & Spiritual 100 hour Foundation – 12 month course with Friends of Yoga Society International® under Debbie Avery (June 2016)

Tantric Hatha Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training – intensive course with Zuna Yoga® in Bali, under Katherine Girling (October 2016)

Kids and Family Yoga Teacher 3 Day Training – with Rainbow Yoga® under Ieva WildLoveBeamer (July 2017)

Partner Yoga Teacher 3 Day Training – with Rainbow Yoga® under Ieva WildLoveBeamer (March 2018)

Anatomy & Physiology L3 & Principles of Exercise & Fitness L2 – with YMCAfit (December 2018)

Pilates Teacher Training Level 3 Diploma – with Health Fitness Education (April 2019)

First Aid Qualifications:

Emergency First Aid at Work – with Academy of Physical Medicine (June 2016)

Mental Health First Aid – with MHFA England (November 2018)

rainbow yoga
Zuna Yoga

About Roo:

Roo began on her yoga journey over 8 years ago. Having just received a first class honors degree in Drama & Theatre Arts from the University of Birmingham, and with the world as her oyster, Roo was hit with a sudden and very severe depression that left her physically bed bound for over 6 months and dashed any plans of going to theatre school.

This forced Roo to move away from the world of performance to focus solely on her health, both mental and physical. Physical activity had always played a huge role in her life, with previous jobs as a pool lifeguard in various gyms and leisure centres, and enjoying a variety of sports both at school and university, including being in the 2nds sailing team at university and captain of Lifesaving B team. Roo then discovered mindfulness meditation through her therapy at Birmingham Healthy Minds. Having experienced first hand the power that her mind has over her physical body, Roo developed a deep respect for creating a holistic healthy lifestyle where work and play was balanced with both physical and mental wellbeing.

Roo began to practise yoga itself at a local gym in 2014. Her first teacher was Nicola Rowan-Brookes. It was one of the first times she’d left the house for anything other than therapy sessions for over half a year, and her intention at the time was simply to find a gentle exercise class that could ease her back into physical activity. But from those very first deep breaths, Roo felt like she was coming up for air for the first time in months. A totally non-judgemental, free space, where she was able to explore new movements and learn how to enjoy being in her body and living once again. It was love at first sun salutation.

Her practise grew rapidly – moving quickly from once a week, to twice a week, to every day (twice if possible!), plus a home meditation practise, the physical aspects of yoga began to combine with the emotional consciousness of her meditation practise, and  this created an unstoppable partnership which was really the turning point for her mental and physical health. Roo’s desire to try every type of yoga she possibly could led her to training in a vast variety of yoga styles, including Hatha Vinyasa, Tantric, Ashtanga, Rocket, Iyengar, Yin, Forrest, and even training with some circus performers. All of these styles in their own unique way have played a huge role in shaping Roo into the teacher that she is today.

As she learnt more and more about the physical body from a basis of modern anatomy and science, Roo found that she naturally began to question some of the more rigid traditional styles of yoga and their approaches to the mind and body. As she started to search for more adaptable and eclectic styles to suit the modern body and mind she came across a school called Zuna Yoga, with whom she decided to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training with. Since then, she has continued to challenge and question traditional approaches to yoga. Whilst maintaining a huge amount of reverence and respect for the lineage of her teachers, Roo strongly believes that the modern yogi simply has different needs to those who practised 4000 years ago. Roo continues to challenge and develop the way yoga is taught today, because she really believes in the power of yoga to change lives, and empower individuals and communities to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Roo continues to train and study in various mental and physical practises, most recently completing her level 3 diploma in mat Pilates. In this way, Roo is developing an independant style of teaching methodology, that is designed to adapt to modern life, and get you moving and flowing in more and more powerful and efficient ways.

Today she offers workshops, privates, and public classes in Birmingham, UK.

Teaching from a place of compassion and respect for all.

Roo is currently enjoying extended maternity leave and does not currently plan to return to teaching public classes until the start of 2025.