ryt200badgeRegistered Yoga Teacher 200 hours with Yoga Alliance®  (since November 2016)

Teaching since 2015.


Roo has trained for many years in a wide variety of yoga & movement styles including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Kids & Family Yoga, Partner & Acro Yoga, and Pilates – all of which have brought her to being the person and teacher she is today.

With a background in performing arts and theatre, Roo completed her degree at the University of Birmingham as a highly creative, outgoing, motivated and academic student. However, on leaving uni she became severely ill with a depression that left her bed bound and suicidal for many months. Slowly, with the help of medication and encouraged by her therapist, Roo began to practise meditation, and was then drawn to the physical practise of yoga later down the line. This was a turning point in terms of her mental health, breathing life back into her soul and empowering her to overcome the illness, from which she has never looked back. Roo went on to train with a wide variety of yoga and philosophy schools in various styles, but always keeping the holistic aspects of yoga very much at the heart of her practise and teaching.

From a physical perspective however, it was a little more complicated.

It was only after practising yoga for some years that Roo began to have any problems. Initially, everything felt wonderful as she freed up her joints and stretched out her stiff, aching muscles (she was never naturally flexible). However, after a few years of regular practise, Roo began to suffer with lower back pain. Despite having always maintained a ‘strong muscular core’, and following her teachers advise to only do ‘what feels right’, her back continued to be aggravated by yoga. As she examined it deeper, she noticed how some postures might feel good in the moment of the practise, but later she would be plagued with pain.

Roo began to do more research into functional and healthy ranges of movement in yoga. What with the over-emphasis on flexibility and ‘end-of-range’ movements in most yoga taught today, and with a general lack of education on what constitutes real long-term healthy movement patterns in yoga, Roo started to study anatomy and physiology in depth in order to analyse and challenge some of the traditional yoga postures she had once been taught. She went on to do her qualification in Pilates teacher training, which she also teaches alongside her yoga.

Roo adapted her teaching style to include her new found knowledge, and as a result, began to see some rapid positive changes, not only in reducing her back pain completely down to nothing, but also in developing a new quality of strength and efficiency within her movements. She also started to feel more energised, continuing to support her strong belief in the yoga mind-body connection.

Today, Roo teaches from a place of continued education, care, knowledge, and understanding of how important it is for us as humans to practise moving functionally every single day. Roo’s aim as a teacher is to empower her students with self-knowledge and education in order to lead a life that is full of joy, meaning, & balance.



Pilates Teacher Training Level 3 Diploma – with Health Fitness Education (currently ongoing)

Anatomy & Physiology L3 & Principles of Exercise & Fitness L2 – with YMCAfit (December 2018)

Mental Health First Aid – with MHFA England (November 2018)

Partner Yoga Teacher 3 Day Training – with Rainbow Yoga® under Ieva WildLoveBeamer (March 2018)

Kids and Family Yoga Teacher 3 Day Training – with Rainbow Yoga® under Ieva WildLoveBeamer (July 2017)

Tantric Hatha Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training – intensive course with Zuna Yoga® in Bali, under Katherine Girling (October 2016)

Hatha Yoga & Spiritual 100 hour Foundation – 12 month course with Friends of Yoga Society International® under Debbie Avery (June 2016)

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