Welcome to yoga with Roo…

My name is Roo, like kangaroo.

I had a frankly ridiculous childhood, growing up in Herefordshire, near the English Welsh border, surrounded by woods, rivers, fields and meadows to endlessly roam free range to my hearts content. It was the kind of place where you could cycle back from the pub late at night and not bother turning your bike lights on, because all you’d meet on the lanes would be a few mice, perhaps an old badger or two, or a passing fox.

Being the daughter of 2 doctors, I was naturally bright and learnt quickly to jump obediently through the hoops you’re meant to jump through, so school was a relatively pain free experience. I went to a private secondary school which was weird. I made friends with the local college kids instead but nobody liked that very much because my new friends had dreadlocks and hair and stuff, and skated on the cathedral close and basically wore a lot of hemp. We went to festivals and tried to do backflips off buildings and there always seemed to be a lot of fire involved.

I went on to study Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham, because that’s where my big brother had gone and I thought he was cool. As an imaginative child I loved to play, and enjoyed the thrill of performing in front of a live audience, so I figured I’d like to do that for a living.

My practise of yoga and meditation started in 2014 when I was struck down by a severe depression that left me bed bound for many months. On the advice of my therapist, I began practising mindfulness based meditation to help lift the lethargy and soothe the accompanying anxiety. I fell in love with the ideas and philosophy, which lead me of course to yoga.

As soon as I was strong enough, I began training at university in Iyengar yoga, a pretty militant style of yoga which focuses strictly on achieving the correct alignment in posture. After this, I discovered the liberation of free flowing creative Hatha Vinyasa. My practise has continued to shift with the times, taking me with it through various styles of Hatha yoga, from expansive Forrest, to activated Kundalini, restorative Yin, to the highly stimulating Rocket.

In 2015 I set out on 12 months of study in Hatha yoga philosophy and history with Friends of Yoga Society. I then went on to complete my foundational 200 hour teacher training in Tantric Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with the Registered School Zuna Yoga.

Nowadays my practise has carried me firmly over into the realm of Ashtanga, a dedicated power flow that is focused on strengthening the body and the mind.

I teach in a style that is as diverse as my knowledge and experience can allow, balancing science and tradition to create a modern and adaptive practise, seamlessly blending elements from different schools of thought. I am a big believer in making yoga yours and discovering for yourself what works best for you, your mind, and your body. I encourage students to ask the questions of why and how- to challenging the beliefs and systems in place, whilst still staying soft and open to the experience.

Aside from all the yog, I like to spend my time outside exploring as much of this world as possible. I’m never more satisfied than when I’m surrounded by nature, preferably resting in front of an open log fire after a long days walk, with food and friends nearby, and enjoying a good belly laugh.


You can read more about my journey with mental health, depression, and anxiety via my blog (formerly known as Hot Tea & Toast).

If you want to, get in touch with me via email, and find out what classes and workshops I am running near you.

Always teaching from a place of compassion, patience, love, and joy.

Namaste 🙏


3 thoughts on “Welcome to yoga with Roo…”

  1. Hey Roo,
    I read your tattoo article on yogi approved. I am also a Brit who writes for YA and so I thought I’d stop by and say hello 🙂
    I live in Plymouth and I am a belly dancer, artist, writer, yogi and Reiki &Chakra balancing practitioner.
    I keep a lifestyle blog and I have also been through CBT because of my anxiety, depression and inability to regulate my emotions properly. I am much better now than I was about 6 months ago but there are days when I struggle and I get through it with dance, art, yoga and writing. It would be lovely to connect with you on facebook maybe?
    Take Care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katie,
      How lovely to hear from you! And how nice to have YogiApproved company on this side of the ocean!! Haha! I’d love to connect, that’s what it’s all about. My Facebook is Roo Frith 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your blog too- I would love to find out more about reiki and chakra balancing, I’m having my first reiki head massage later this week so hoping to learn a lot about it.


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