Kids & Family Yoga

Explore, learn, connect and play together with Family Yoga!
Making yoga fun and accessible for all ages, with lots of silliness, and plenty of laughter, allow Roo to guide you on a yoga journey through a variety of age suitable interactive games, imaginative storytelling, creative dance and partner acrobatics for you and your little ones to enjoy together.
In each session we explore a variety of exciting themes and locations, each with their own set of specialised activities:
  • Rumble in the Jungle
    • save the rainforests, befriend the animals, and swing from the trees, just watch out for the snake!
  • Under the Sea
    • dance with the waves, ride on a giant sea turtle, and have singing lessons from the whales
  • Discovering India
    •  visit the birthplace of yoga, dance Bollywood style, and climb the great Himalayan mountains
  • Space Adventure
    • design your own rocket, join in the great alien parade, and protect the planet from meteor showers
  • Artic Explorers
    • sled, ski, snowball! Sculpt an igloo, and watch the beautiful Northern Lights
  • Down in the Woods
    • picnic with the birds and squirrels, go wild river swimming, and build a hideout in the highest trees
  • Lost in the Desert
    • discover dancing lizards, uncover ancient treasures, and ride on a camel to the beautiful oasis
  • Pirate Ship
    • all aboard for talking parrots, sea shanties, and mystical mermaids, but don’t wake the kraken or you’ll start up a storm
  • African Safari
    • spot the big 6 at the watering hole, hold on for a bumpy ride, and walk with the elephants across the great plains of Africa
  • The Secret Garden
    • fall into a magical world where ponds are made of glitter, bushes turn into maze tunnels, and fairies protect the trees
  • Ancient Athens
    • the olympics, public baths, plays and parties, and maybe the odd toga or two
  • Tropical Island
    • Castaway on a desert island, create castles made of sand, and go surfing


All of the above topics are available on request, PLUS- much much more…!

Weekly classes…

Parents & Toddlers (18 months to 5 years) at University of Birmingham – THIS CLASS CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING – WATCH THIS SPACE FOR UPDATES – PLANS TO RESUME IN SPRING 2018

All children must be accompanied by an adult (no more than 2 kids per adult please!). You are more than welcome to bring along older or younger children to join in with all of the games, singing, dancing, and acrobatics, although please be aware that some activities may be less suitable for littler/older ones. Saying that, these classes do take place indoors on a soft padded floor, so it is the perfect opportunity to get some walking practise in if they’re just beginning to toddle, and older siblings often love to help out!


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Roo is kindly sponsored by the University of Birmingham Sport and undertook her children’s yoga teacher training 3 day course with Rainbow Yoga in August 2017.