How to Eat Mindfully

So, I’ve just had my first article published on YogiApproved! This is all a bit exciting, I feel like I’m taking my first cautious steps towards embracing the wider yoga community online. Before long I’m going to be one of those gorgeous yogis that already dominate my Pinterest, posing in front of breathtaking backdrops straight out of a holiday brochure, eating nothing but chai seeds and raw tofu, and speaking Sanskrit. Sigh… One day…

Anyway, for now, here’s the article…! Thanks YogiApproved!


When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a leisurely meal with a group of friends? What about just you and your partner? And what about by yourself?
Sometimes, it can be really hard to find a second in the day when you are able to enjoy what is right in front of you, right here and right now. It can be even harder to make yourself stop and actually sit down for a prolonged period of time, especially if you’re rushing trying to get everything done. But when you stop amidst the hustle and bustle to sit down and eat, it is the perfect opportunity to check in with your mind and your body.

Eating is wonderful. It gives us energy and pleasure. It is as natural as breathing. It has a fantastic way of bringing people together. But in our diet and image-obsessed culture, eating can suddenly induce guilt where before it was simply enjoyable. To make matters worse, under the combined pressures of work, money, and deadlines, it is often cheaper and easier for us to grab fast food on the go, pumped full of salt and artificial flavors (and god knows what else!), than it is for us to find the time to sit down and enjoy something wholesome.

Food can become a chore – just one more thing to get done on an endless to-do list. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself, and know what it feels like to inhale your food (usually over a laptop) without even tasting it. Maybe you haven’t tasted your dinner properly for weeks. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Enter mindful eating… . . . Continue reading the full article here.

I hope you’re all well.

Stay breezey 🍌

Roo xx.

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