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The Black Dog of Depression

Winston Churchill described his depression as a ‘black dog’. Some days it seems to go away, and you feel free from its incessant skulking. But you know it could easily hunt you back down again, around the next corner, behind the next bush, in the next room. Other days though, the black dog is more threatening- a growling, ominous, and constant presence, or just barking and barking and barking – ready to pounce and sink its teeth in at the smallest sign of weakness. I, for one, find the ‘black dog’ metaphor a fairly accurate description of what it can sometimes feel like to be living with depression.

One of the first steps towards recovery that anyone can make is recognising the symptoms. To be able to see your ‘black dog’ for what it is, however big or small it seems on that particular day compared to another.

While I know from the facts and figures that I can’t be alone in feeling how I do, it was only when I came across this metaphor, as described in the video below in particular, that I could actually see that, yes, someone else has felt like I do now. And that, to me, was some sort of comfort. Because depression is an accepted and recognised and treatable illness. People have, and do, and will recover fully from it. They learn to not only leash their black dogs, but to train them, and, ultimately, send them off for good.

And that gives me hope. I think.

I hope you’re all well,

Stay breezey 🐕

Roo xx.

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