Yoga in the Workplace

Bespoke yoga sessions for your office or workplace, at lunchtime or after work, for up to 30 persons per session.

Sitting behind a desk all day takes a toll on your physical and mental health. These gentle workplace yoga sessions are designed with that in mind, combining simple exercises to target key areas of tension in the neck, shoulders, and lower back, and blending it with effective breathing techniques to help you unwind and reduce stress levels. Each session ends with guided relaxation and/or neck massage, leaving you feeling recharged and ready to go – perfect for a quick lunchtime reset!

Because happy staff are more likely to work harder for longer and that means a boom in productivity for your business!

Join the rapidly growing trend to offer corporate yoga sessions to your employees, as part of your workplace wellbeing scheme. Letting staff members know that they are valued can drastically improve motivation and focus in and around the office. See the effects on the reduced amount of sick leave taken per annum, and boost in productivity.

Sessions start from £50 for a 30 minute session, based on a rolling weekly basis. Get in touch to find out more by emailing


Team Building Yoga

If you’re looking for a new, healthy, and fun way to motivate your employees, look no further than Team Building Yoga.

Team Building Yoga is a blend of classic yoga and (simple!) group acrobatics, designed to help to bring people together and build up levels of trust, communication, and efficiency. An amazing way to destress and boost creativity and support in the work place.

Suitable for all levels of experience and groups of all shapes and sizes. Teambuilding Yoga can be run as a one off session lasting anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours as part of your team building day.

Always coming from a space of inclusive support and respect for all.

Prices for Team Building Yoga start from £60 per session, please contact for more details


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