Roo came to Birmingham in 2011 to study Drama and Theatre Arts at the University. Alongside her love of performance, she soon discovered a passion for arts theory and philosophy. Time and again she found herself being drawn towards questions of life, birth, death, love, happiness, relationships and everything in between.

Her journey into yoga and meditation began in 2013, on the advice of her therapist in reaction to a severe depression that left her bed bound for many months. Through a daily practise of self-loving mindful meditations and gentle hatha exercises, Roo began to understand the influence that the mind has over the physical body, and how these 2 seemingly separate entities can work in union to uplift or to destroy.

Her depression was coupled with a crippling anxiety. Unable to socialise or leave the house to do something as simple as get some milk, she found herself stripped of interests and passions, hopes and dreams, and even of her character, something which many of us take to be a fundamental part of who we are. Having left university as a ‘confidently talented individual’, Roo suddenly found herself with a blank canvas, and nothing to show of how far she’d come. It was then, in early 2014, that Roo began to practise yoga under Dr Nicola Rowan Brooks who was teaching at a local gym. From the very first inhale it felt like coming home.

After that, Roo’s relationship with yoga only grew. With no other commitments, and still desperately battling with her own head and health, Roo threw herself heart and soul into the practise. Whenever times got so dark she could barely see, it was often only yoga that could bring her back from the edge.

As her confidence and dreams began to blossom once more, Roo decided to teach private classes and run weekend retreats for close family and friends. In 2015 she embarked on 12 months of study under Friends of Yoga Society, and was successfully awarded her 100 hours certificate foundation in Hatha Spiritual studies.

In summer 2016, she was finally well enough to make the journey, and flew halfway around the world to undertake her 200 hours yoga teacher training with Registered Yoga School Zuna Yoga in Indonesia. Here she was pushed to her limits, and came back ready to face the world all the stronger. Learning under Zuna Yoga taught Roo to blend her already strong physical practise and mental awareness with some of the more subtle energetic principles ofyoga. With Zuna’s roots firmly planted in Tantric methodology, Roo discovered a school that resonated with her own philosophical outlook on life, balancing new science, knowledge of the body, respect for the natural world, and age old practises to create an adaptive but grounding yoga practise.

Today, Roo teaches from the heart, in a style that is as diverse and deep as her background allows. And while she knows that life is never going to be easy for her or anyone else, she now appreciates that it is these very difficult and dark times that can actually sculpt who you are. The way that pain carves through you will never stop hurting. But if you are open to it you can learn to stay with it, and as deep as those troughs and valleys of pain may plunge, that just makes the heights of the mountains more breathtaking and beautiful in the landscape of your soul.

Always teaching from a place of compassion, patience, love, and joy.