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Acroyoga in the park with Tian & Roo!

Saturday 2nd June
£20 (+£1.50 Eventbrite booking fee)
Woodgate Valley Country Park, Clapgate Lane, Birmingham B32 3DS


Looking to get your body moving this summer? Want to make new friends, and try something a bit different?

Beginners acroyoga could be the thing for you!

Move beyond your impossible! For TOTAL beginners to both yoga and acrobatics! This playful and vibrant workshop invites you to experience just some of the joys of flowing and flying together whilst being in a supportive and relaxed environment. Learn to play, dance, and move together. Acroyoga is a great practise to build strength, flexibility, and balance, whilst making new friends, and above all, having fun. Always full of laughter and surprises, if you want to feel (and act) like a kid again, this is the one for you!

But what is acroyoga, I hear you cry!

Acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics and partner yoga! It’s a fantastic way to get you moving creatively together, using balance and counterbalance techniques to explore your limits, whilst building up core strength and flexibility.

Working as a group, we will start with some games! Move and flow as a circle, creating intricate patterns with our bodies in a beautiful humandala, whilst learning about some of the foundational yoga and acrobatic techniques. We’ll then move on to team and partner exercises, designed especially for beginners to work on building trust in yourself and teaching you how to ‘spot’ and support others. Once we’ve warmed up our bodies and our minds, we’ll begin to work our way up to some flying! You choose how far you want to go with it, and the sky is your limit!

This workshop is designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities – both Tian & Roo have a depth of experience teaching and working with a wide variety of different body types, ages, and backgrounds so there will be something to suit every body!

So what are you waiting for? Got a friend in mind who you’ve been trying to get to come to yoga with you for ages? Now is the time! Bring them along and you can partner up together. No partner? No worries! AcroYoga is a great atmosphere in which to meet new people and make new friends. You are welcome to stay with one partner during the entire workshop, or switch it up between activities. There is always a good handful of people who come without a partner so rest assured you won’t be alone.

Come along, join in the fun and become a part of our growing acroyoga community! There are limited spaces for this workshop, so book early to avoid disappointment!





There is free parking, a cafe, and toilet facilities at the park. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in, and bring a jumper to keep warm especially during relaxation. Mats are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own too- just bear in mind that we will be outside on the grass! Going barefoot is actively encouraged, but if you do feel more comfortable in shoes there’s no pressure, just make sure you wear light weight pumps or canvas shoes. Any other questions feel free to send them our way!

Contact Roo: or call 07538284040


About the teachers…

Tian Coulsting

Tian began his relationship with movement in 2008 with his passion for climbing. Enjoying the interaction with his environment and his body, he began to explore parkour, free running and tricking. In 2016 Tian trained with Mark Freeth of the Freestyle Yoga Project, where he learnt to combine dynamic and powerful movements with breath control. He went on to do his yoga teacher training with Mark, and now teaches freestyle movement yoga in Birmingham. Believing that variety is the spice of life, Tian also practices capoeira, slacklining, locomotion and contemporary dance, and regularly teaches swing dance in Birmingham. His current passion is all about getting people out in nature more, playing on fallen trees, climbing, jumping and moving their bodies in new and expressive ways. At home, Tian also runs his own bespoke woodwork business and grows his own mushrooms!

Roo Frith

Roo is a full time yoga teacher based in Birmingham with a passion for creative play, acroyoga, and handstands! On completing her drama degree at the University of Birmingham, Roo suffered from a severe depression left her bedbound for many months- as part of her recovery Roo began to practise meditation, and it wasn’t long from there before she found her way to yoga. Amazed by the practise’s ability to uplift her spirits and calm her mind, Roo began teaching yoga and meditation in 2015 and never looked back! She went on to train in Kids & Family Yoga, and then on to Partner Yoga, where she discovered her passion for Acroyoga. Roo’s classes are always playful, explorative, and full of colour and life.

Roo coerced Tian into practising Acro with her in January 2018, and they have been training together ever since! United not only by their passion for yoga and creative movement, both Tian and Roo love to be outside, climbing trees, surrounded by nature, and running around barefoot in the grass.

What people say about previous workshops…

“Thank you so much Roo! I had such a fantastic time at your workshop. You made me feel so confident and ready to try new things. I felt really empowered afterwards!”

“I’d only done yoga once so I was a bit nervous but you made me feel so comfortable, so I just had a go and really enjoyed myself! Hope to see you at another class very soon”

“What a fantastic session we had! Thanks so much – it was brilliant!”

“Thank you Roo! you are a SUPERSTAR & I would love to do it all over again!”

“Partner and Acroyoga with Roo was amazing! Warm up activities helped everyone feel comfortable and trust each other, despite being mostly strangers. Activities were both fun and challenging – a perfect combination! I can’t wait for her next session!”

“I felt like a child again, and it was amazing!!”

“Roo! What can I say this afternoon was totally wonderful! You create such a special environment where going somewhere on your own feels like a totally safe place 🙂 My partner was so fab… really put me at ease and helped me with my confidence too”

“Thanks so much for such a lovely and exciting class. You created such a welcoming, relaxed and fun environment that I am very pleased that Tian pushed me to come along and would love to do more of that kind of thing again. Thanks so much”

“Roo, Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun during the class and the class made me feel a lot more positive then I was feeling before. Besides, I noticed that this is something that really made me feel connected to people without directly talking to them, which I think can be very helpful for me. I would love to attend one of you next partner workshops again!”

Past Workshops & Events

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