For beginner students, Roo’s classes provide a comprehensive and complete guide to yoga and a gentle introduction to some breathing and mindfulness techniques. These classes are all about having fun, opening up the body, building strength, and setting the foundation stones from which you can happily explore the rich and vibrant world of yoga further if you wish.

For teachers and advanced yogis, you are especially welcome! Relish the challenge and push yourself in new ways, both mentally and physically. This practise will help you to recognise and move beyond your personal habits, samskaras. If you are feeling that your practise is beginning to droop or lose some of its shine, (we’ve all been there) this is the perfect way to inject it with a fresh energy that will carry you deeper than ever before. Take the next step on the journey, leave behind the ego, and experience the power of yoga. This is a practise that will make you strong.

And for everyone in between, a fun and safe environment for all.